Pakistan Elections New Update And US, UK and EU statements.


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US, UK and EU statements

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs statement came out on the statements given by the United States, United Kingdom, and the European Union on the general elections of Pakistan. In a press release issued on Saturday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that various countries and organizations made statements regarding the general elections in Pakistan.

According to the press release, we are surprised that these statements give a negative impression; these people do not know the complexity of the electoral process, and these statements ignore the undeniable fact that Pakistan conducted the general elections peacefully and successfully. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Pakistan faced serious security threats during the elections.

The press release said that some of the statements made were not even based on reality; there was no internet shutdown in Pakistan on the day of polling, and only mobile service was shut down to avoid terrorist incidents. The general election made it clear that the fears many had been expressing were misplaced.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Pakistan conducted the elections with the commitment to building a stable and democratic society. It should be noted that the United Kingdom and the European Union, including the United States, had also expressed deep concern over the questions raised on the non-transparency of the election process.

The three lamented the lack of a level playing field and said that some political elements were not allowed to participate in the election; they were deprived of freedom of assembly. US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said there should be a full investigation into election fraud and interference allegations.

The European Union said that before the election, Pakistan was facing the challenge of counter-terrorism. Still, Pakistan should focus on the economic reforms needed to address the shortcomings identified in the GSP Plus report.

Anarchy is not suitable; elections should bring prosperity to the country: Army Chief.

Army Chief General Asim Munir says that chaos is not suitable for a progressive country with a population of 25 crores. It is a prayer and wish that the recent elections bring economic stability to the country. In a statement released by the Public Relations Department of the Pakistan Army, ISPR, it said that the Army Chief congratulated the nation on the successful conduct of the general elections and that the caretaker government, the Election Commission, and the political parties congratulated on the conduct of the elections. deserve to

While congratulatedWhile congratulating all the winning candidates in the general elections, the Army Chief said that free participation in the right to vote is proof of people’s commitment to democracy.

General Asim Munir said that law enforcement agencies deserve more praise for creating a safe election environment despite the difficulties; the constructive role of the media, civil administration, and the judiciary made the successful conduct of the largest election exercise in the nation’s history possible.

The Chief of the Pakistan Army said that elections and democracy are a means of serving the people of Pakistan. We should consider where the country stands today and where our right place among other nations should be.

He further said that elections are not a contest of winning and losing but an exercise in determining the people’s mandate. A representative government of democratic forces will better represent the country’s diverse politics with a national purpose.

He said that the people of Pakistan have shown their common trust in the Constitution of Pakistan. Political parties should respond to the nation’s trust with political maturity and unity. Anarchy is not suitable for a progressive country of 25 crore population. Pray and wish. These elections will bring political and economic stability and prosperity to the country.

The Commonwealth Observer Group expressed satisfaction over the successful elections in Pakistan.

The head of the Commonwealth observer delegation, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, said while giving a press briefing in Islamabad that we and our representatives observed the 2024 election and visited polling stations in Karachi, Multan, Hyderabad, and Faisalabad.

Dr. Goodluck Jonathan said that we appreciate the Election Commission’s performance. The elections in Pakistan were held in a good atmosphere, and many people came out to vote. Many young people participated in the election campaign. There were a few incidents in which irregularities were noted. Gone.

Observers’ groups said that a major party needed to have done better, which was difficult for the uneducated voter; the polling staff worked very professionally and appreciated the work of the Election Commission staff and the Election Management System (EMS). ) was a best effort, but the internet shutdown created difficulties.

The Commonwealth Observer Group said the election was conducted well, congratulating Pakistan on a peaceful election; we will address all complaints in the final report.

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